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Living Life with Lynda Show

Nov 28, 2018

Part 1-Discussion with Cassi Brooks & Joel Hall of Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness about integrative pharmacies & what nutraceuticals/supplements can help support your immune system. Part 2-Weekly Words of Wisdom: How we, as adults, can learn more and be happier by being more like children.

Nov 18, 2018

Part 1-Naturopathic Doctor, Sarah Buck, from Yarmouth, Maine will explain what Naturopathic Medicine is and how those principles help us live a healthy life naturally? Dr. Buck also discusses Type II Diabetes and gives tips on how to maintain blood sugar levels, especially during the holiday season. Part 2-Weekly Words...

Nov 14, 2018

Part 1-Beth O'Hara-Miklavic from Community Health Options, located in Lewiston, Maine, explains what the Affordable Care Act and open enrollment period of time is and what to look for in health insurance coverage. Part 2-Weekly Words of Wisdom: Lynda and her husband recently celebrated 16 years of marriage. She shares...

Nov 14, 2018

Part 1 - Marteen Santerre, President of Soul Being, and Holly Martzial, owner of Mindwell Marketing, talk about how the businesses they founded are helping wellness professionals in Maine and beyond. We also talk about a collaboration they have created between them and ELM Maine (Essential Living Maine) magazine...